Client Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from clients I have had the pleasure of working with. The programs we offer are developed to meet the needs and goals of each individual client, also offering each client advice on nutrition, and lifestyle. 

Activation Personal Training can help with Weight Management goals, improved wellbeing, posture, functional fitness, Core strength, Muscle endurance, strength for a great everyday and improved energy and vitality.

Sound good? Have a read below and then give Lee Johnson a call on 07988 479 387, we can help.

Over the last few years. I have had minor surgery on my right knee but the consultant confirmed I had arthritis behind both knees and ultimately, I will require knee replacements. I was seeing Lee to strengthen my legs muscles and for Weight Mangement. The results have been very good and I have also changed my lifestyle , which I have now lost over a stone in weight, and my blood pressure has also improved. This is a great service.

Elaine B

I am quite a physically active person but Lee has really helped me draw attention to things that have been wrong for years and i have never done anything about. My left foot turns out when I walk.I am now much more conscious of it and it is slowly getting better. I enjoy my work with Lee and I think he will really make a difference in keeping myself active and enjoying my life.

Sally J

Lee is a fantastic trainer - I worked closely with him for a number of years in a tough period of my life. He helped me get out of that rut and be the strongest and fittest I've ever been. Lee was the first step in the right direction for me to understand why you exercise and the benefits it brings. I would highly recommend Lee to anyone of any age he is great!

Josh C

I've been working with Lee for a few months now concentrating on mobility, flexibility and strength - in all areas I've made huge improvements. I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation.

Sean G

highly recommend Lee as a personal trainer. His positive impact on my physical, mental, and emotional health since my health issues cannot be overstated. As an artist in the film industry, I spend most of my time at a desk, and our regular virtual sessions have helped alleviate stress while improving my mood, flexibility, strength, and stamina. I can’t thank him enough and will undoubtedly continue to work with him. Brian I, Artist, The Walt Disney Company

Brian I

I have been training with Lee since January 2022. I'm very pleased with the results and outcomes. I am in my eighties and was looking to improve my fitness and strength, balance for everyday life and sitting less and moving more. I have improved a lot since starting the personal training sessions with Lee. I have more movement in my neck, Shoulders, Chest and I am standing more upright in my posture than before and feel stronger in general my balance has improved and able to do more day to day from housework, walking, outside gardening and feel the difference when mowing the lawn in my strength , pushing the mower is a lot easier than before. I have now moved on to chair & floor based exercises and feel getting up down from the floor is also getting easier from the personal training session I have received. I would highly recommend Lee

Ronald K

Lee is an outstanding personal trainer who cares deeply about the quality of his services and the health of his clients. As a forty-something guy, he has helped me with both my back issues and general conditioning. I am really pleased with both the maintenance of my back and improvements in my flexibility and general conditioning. Lee is also a really personable trainer and I look forward to sessions with him and always feel ready for the next challenge after his sessions.

Andrew W

I have been exercising with Lee for the past 6 months and found him to extremely knowledgeable, he was able to design the exercises suitable for my age and my body. He is always on time and very accommodating. I would thoroughly recommend him.

Nashat S

Great advice and information on lifestyle coaching. I would highly recommend Lee.

Anthony L

Lee has been instrumental in maintaining a high level of fitness and general lifestyle improvements. I am 45 years old but many of my friends comment on how i look years younger this is without dought due to Lee, who has developed several training regimes for me. These have envolved over the years as i have grow older and this what sets Lee apart from other personal trainers i have know and tried. Lee adapting training programs depending on your physical and mental condition, leading to long - term benefits. My short - and long term endurance has increased a noticeable increase in core strength and muscle size are just same of the benefits Ive gained through working with Lee. In addition Lee has improved my posture having previously suffering hunch back syndrome. In addition to Lee advised on diet and general wellbeing. The results have been amazing- i have much more energy throughout the whole day. My skin looks healthy feels right and i feel very much happy within me. Investing in Lee is investing in yourself and i have no hesitation in recommending Lee as a personal trainer and general lifesyle coach

Mark W - Serving Police Sergeant British Transport Police

I have had the pleasure of working with Mr Lee Johnson for many years at the Metropolitan Police Health club Imber court, where Lee organised physiotherapy and rehabilitation services for the police officers recovery from veriouse musculosketal conditions. Lee assisted me in running the rehabilitation side of the service where he recieved referrals from myself and assess and rehabilitated the officers back to full fitness using verious exercises and training methodologies. I very much endorsed the very well paced approach that Lee offers which is to carefully assess a client and present them with a tailor made program that will offer them the correct challenge required to progress. This is of course very much what is required in rehabilitation and also in fitness training. Functional training is always a priority and should come first before pushing to higher levels of fitness. I would recommend Lee to any of my patients and also to anybody seeking to reconnect themselves with their body on a functional level and be properly guided through this process.

Izzel Barbosa - Bsc(Hon), MCSP, AACP, SRP Chartered Physiotherapist Reverse Healing West Molesey Surrey

My husband and I were extremely pleased with the exercises Lee gave us four years ago. So much so, that we have continued doing them. Very helpful through Lockdown. We are both 82 and have had a serious back operation and a knee replacement operation and are able to keep getting out and about and maintain our mobility. That is marvelous.

Maggie & Keith H

Lee has been my trainer for approximately six months. I broke my toe and injured my back which resulted in physiotherapy. After not exercising for about one year i decided i needed to get fit again, however not only did i want get cardio fit, i also wanted to improve my strength, lose weight and change shape. The results i have achieved are due to Lee extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his work and ultimately his clients, providing the perfect scenario for success and sets for a healthier lifestyle. I have changed my eating habits and combined with my program and seen amazing results in that time. I have never felt stronger or healthier, I have dropped two jean sizes and lost size all over my body in particular my thighs which i have never been able to do. Lee has an easy going, friendly personality which creates a relaxed comfortable atmosphere. He makes a workout challenging, creative. He places high value on correct form with each exercise, which has helped me recover from injury making me stronger. He motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. I have much more energy: my balance and flexibility have improve immensely. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Lee will lead you every step of the way.

Jan M

I can't speak highly enough of Lee - when I contracted him I was was unfit and unhappy and with his help and guidance through a personalized training program, he made me fitter, healthier, and as importantly happier! I would highly recommend Lee to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer.

Rob L

Top trainer, Very pleased with the outcome, back much better now. Highly recommended Lee's services.

Richard G

Lead Fitness Assessor Testimonial Fitness instructor 2 -3 Personal training Diploma courses We have utilized the services of Lee Johnson over the last two years as our Lead Assessor for the Level 2 Fitness Instructor and Level 3 personal training Qualifications. Lee is an extremely well-regarded member of our team and has an extraordinary ability, to engage and support the students throughout the most stressful period of their course assessment. Lee managed to provide extensive constructive feedback in a structured way which enhanced the learning for the participants and aids in the professional development of our attendees. Lee is a pleasure to communicate with and truly professional in all aspects of his role as our lead assessor. He very responsive and throughout and makes a significant contribution to the experience our learners have, We look forwards to having Lee as part of our team for many years to come.

Alan T - Sports Development Manager - London South Bank University

Just a quick note to say thanks for all your help over the past few months to get me fit again. Your input has been crucial to me making a full recovery from the excruciating back spasms I was suffering from six months ago. I have established a routine of daily exercises based on your input and know playing tennis regularly again with no adverse effect on my back which along with my core is now much stronger. Thanks again.

Mac M

After my initial assessment, Lee noticed my reduction in flexibility and restrictions in my range of movement in my shoulder and hips. This was my personal area I wanted to improve on. During my first few session's Lee was focusing on flexibility, posture exercise, core stability, and mobility exercises as well as balance. I noticed big improvements in my shoulder mobility along with a range of movement over the next few months and hip range - hamstring flexibility was improving too. I was being down to put my socks on easier than before I started training with Lee and when driving my car. I could see a marked improvement in my range of movement through my neck when looking over my shoulder. I would like to thank Lee for all the great work he put in to help me improve my fitness along with my improved mobility. I would not hesitate to recommend Lee Johnson to anyone who needs personal training.

David P - PVH, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger

I am in my early eighties and had the pleasure of having Lee Johnson as my personal trainer for over a year I have a pacemaker. During that time I have noticed distinct improvements in my posture, mobility, and agility which I attribute to him. [-snippet_35-]

Stephen J

Lee was supportive and appeared to understand my fear of exercise and accommodated this in my session plans. He was straight up maintained a kind and sincere attitude towards me. I would recommend him to any of my friends looking to boost their confidence and learn new ways of exercising.

Hannah F

I have been training with Lee Johnson for just over a year now. When I started I had an ankle injury tight hamstrings, knee injury from playing ice hockey. I was in pretty bad shape and knew I needed to get back on form. Over the weekly or fortnightly sessions, I went from just under 14 stone (at 5ft 7)to 12 half stone. I lost over 5 inches off my hips and 3 inches of my waist. I could literally list the physical tasks that I can do now that I could not do before, but to name a few: I can complete burpees without a twang in my leg, hold a plank for over a minute, and achieved a new personal best for a 3 miles run! Three focus points Lee brings to each session, helpful nutritional advice, the strengthening of the body form to prevent injuries, and home programs to help me develop a routine for myself. Lee Johnson is incredibly patient, knowledgeable, and supportive. Training with him has given me so much confidence in myself and in my ability to maintain fitness objectives. For anyone who does not believe you can feel more energized after a training session, train with Lee Johnson!

Rebecca M

I have not needed any visits to the Physio or cranial social therapist as previously needed. I have an ongoing problem with my shoulder and lower back, however, Lee's targeted exercise plan has been really effective. I do not do gyms, running, swimming or aerobic classes - really do not like any of them and none of them suit seem to suit, neither am I sufficiently motivated or have the time to work out on my own, whereas Lee's sessions with stretching and strengthening exercises suit me perfectly. There are times of the year when I work flat out with no time anything other than work and I do believe without Lee's visits and exercise plan I could not function. I highly recommend his approach to health and fitness.

Alison D

I have been training with Lee for over 4 years I have varied my goals throughout this time Lee varies my training to meet my goals from Strength training to boost my cardiovascular fitness including running, Interval training Bodyweight exercises and mobility Weight training and postural exercises and other exercise methods. I look forward to each personal training session and feel fitter and happier as a result of training and would not hesitate in recommending people to the excellent service supportive sessions I have received.

Liane J

We have been very impressed with what Lee has been able to achieve with Sarah. Sarah has M/S is confined to a wheelchair. Before Lee arrived Sarah's head fell to the right, it's now up straight thanks to all the exercises he has been doing with her. There also a great improvement in her arms, her left arm is affected by the MS but Lee has managed to make it much stronger. We would like to thank Lee for all the great work he put in to help Sarah.

Kay K

I would certainly recommend Lee Johnson. He is very enthusiastic about his work and he a conscientious and hard-working personal trainer. He was always punctual and patient. He gave clear instructions for the helpful exercises. During the time Lee worked with me I lost over two stone and my posture, physique definitely improved.

Graham D

Having had balance issues of an undiagnosed illness many years ago and then breaking my leg twice, once very seriously my mobility was significantly compromised i am so grateful to Lee for his expertise and guidance in helping me steadily build up my core strength and bring it to life muscles that were wasting. Lee has taught me the value of regular measured and focused exercise. I am now straighter taller and more balanced. I walk with more ease and less and less fear.

Chrissie T

Some years ago when I was in my 60's I had a hip replacement. Because of the problems this produced I put on weight and became seriously unfit. I eventually decided something had to be done and I joined a gym thinking I could have a go' on the various pieces of equipment. I was lucky enough to meet Lee who was a trainer at the gym and he explained that without proper guidance I could do more harm than good. I then started regular training sessions with him and was put through gentle exercises designed to get my flexibility back as well as gradually build up my strength. Unlike other trainers I've heard about, Lee didn't believe in the 'no pain no gain' system which he was convinced stopped people coming back after a couple of sessions. His method I found was designed to gradually push you a little bit more each time so that you went away feeling good and encouraged. I started off at 17 stone completely out of condition and over the years Lee brought me down to 12 stone and fit as a fiddle. I had endurance and my body was fit and toned and in my 70's had the strength and flexibility of someone half my age, especially my core strength. My recovery rate from a hard exercise was seconds rather than the original minutes. I am not being over dramatic when I say that meeting Lee changed my life. I am 81 now and am a part-time Gamekeeper and think nothing of a 3-hour walk around the farm with my dog thanks to the training I've received.

Tom R

Age 42 i went to Lee as a long-time cyclist who had always suffered from upper back problems. I had done nothing since my early 20s to improper my core strength and (unsurprisingly) i had a very tight upper back and hamstrings. Lee developed a programmer to help me build core and upper body strength with the aim of improving my posture and flexibility building to a strength programmer to balance body. After about 9 months i have seen fantastic results with a much straighter posture and at last relief from regular headaches. Lee's is really good at understanding what a client needs and will respond well to - he didn't push me as realized i was happy to get out of my confort zone - instead he encouraged me to lay the foundations id need to develop healthy fitness and training habits, Lee really knows his stuff and a pleasure to train with. Id recommend Lee to anyone looking to improve their overall strength and fitness at any age.

Ben A

I been working with Lee for approx 7 months, i asked Lee to get my fitness up to scratch for an upcoming course which included a fitness Assessment. Lee took what i needed to achieve and created a fitness programmer for me both in the gym and also at home. He made the programmer interesting and change it when needed, giving a good basics to keep going without getting bored. When i stared i couldn't even manage 5 press ups but the time the course came around i was doing 35! i felt fitter and was confident that i could keep going.Also, Lee got me doing stretches for the first time in a while, which makes a huge diffidence. I pulled a muscle in my back at the beginning which kept me out for a few days but Lee was able to help and i was back in full working order in no time. Lee is good - humored calm and professional with a polite approach and extremely helpful with any fitness issue, including diet. I am grateful to say i passed the assessment and bodyguard course with no problem, all thanks to Lee, Many thanks.

Michael K

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