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Health and fitness has been a big part of my life for many years and I have been in the fitness world for over 19 years. I am very passionate about fitness and channel this passion as a trainer to help my clients achieve their individual goals.

Over the years, I have gained a number certifications  mostly from the Drummond Education and C.H.E.K. Institute as a  Holistic Lifestyle Coach and qualified  and National Acedemy of Sport Medicine in Corrective exercise Specialist at Level 4. I have intensively trained in many areas of fitness. I use my expertise to accelerate and deliver effective long-term results.

My clients are from various walks of life and at different fitness levels and I am always by their side to motivate them, track their progress, modify their training plans when needed – anything to accomplish their objectives. I believe that if you have got the determination to put in the time and energy, I can help you to reach your desired  training goals. 

Your success and satisfaction are what motivates me to keep going so if you are looking to transform your health, wellbeing, postural and functional fitness & strength please contact me!

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CHEK Qualifications                                                  

  • CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Level 1

  • National Registered  Personal trainer NRPT  Level 4 


  • Flexibility - postural fitness 

  • Activation Prehab - Re-  Conditionning 

  • Back Care programmes 

  • Weight Management 

  • Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

  • Older Adult Fitness

  • Functional training 

  • Bodyweight  fitness training 


  • Lower back pain Management  Level 4 Exercise Specialist

  • The Biomachanics Method Corrective Exercise Specialists  & Remote  CES Online 

  • NEAT FIT Coaching programme  

  • Weight Management -  Level 4 - Obesity Diabetes 

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certicate in Exercise Nutrition 

  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialists

  • NASM Weight loss Specialist

  • NASM Senior Exercise Specialist

  • NASM Youth Exercise Specialist

  • NASM Golf Specialist

  • NASM Bodybuilding

  • NASM Balance training

  • Exercise referrals - for Clients with Specific Controlled Conditions

  • Pilates - teacher.

  • Personal training diploma

  • Weight training BAWLA Award

  • Bodybuilding diploma

  • Sports nutrition

  • Assessor - A1 award

  • Swiss Ball Training

  • Training in Diffident Environments

  • Suspension Bodyweight Training

  • Peter Twist Level 1 Sports Core Essentials

  • Peter Twist Level  1 Sports Balance Essentials

  • Peter Twist Art of Fascial Lines Training Building Your Body's Armour 

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1

  • Fitness Assessor

  • Adolescents Fitness instructor

  • Nutrition & Weight Consultancy diploma

  • CHEK  Primal Eating

  • CHEK Walking Tall 

  • CHEK Scientific Core Conditioning

  • CHEK Program Design

  • CHEK Scientific Back Training

  • CHEK Scientific Shoulder Training

  • CHEK Primal Patterns of Movement

  • CHEK - How To Design Exercise programs for Unhealthy Clients

  • Nutrition & Weight Managements

  • Kettlebells Instructor

  • A1 Assessor Award city Guilds

  • Award in Nutrition for Physical Activity

  • Circuit Training Certification

  • Fitness Instructor CYQ

  • Clinical Personal Trainer

  • Personal Trainer CYQ

  • Sports Nutrition

  • CHEK Swiss Ball Training

  • CHEK Healing Fungus, Parasites Infections

  • CHEK Primal Pattens of Movement

  • CHEK Advanced Swiss Ball Training for Rehab

  • CHEK Equal But Not The Same

  • Metabolic Effect Personal Trainer

  • Metabolic Effect Outdoor Group Trainer

  • Metabolic Effect Rest Based  Group Trainer

  • Hormone  Fat Lose Nutrition Level 1-2-3  Metabolic Effect

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